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Striptease (the comic strip) LJ community

the best guilty pleasure in webcomics

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Punch an Pie
scribblemonkey wrote in stripteasecomic
the new comic that  I've been working on with Aeire is launching on Monday.

Punch an Pie

it's essentially a spin off comic of Queen of Wands, starring Angela and some other characters, with a bunch of new ones.
Aeire's writing it. I'm doing the art.

the LJ community is up, so you can join, or watch to see when the updates hit. Nothing's on the site right now, but with any luck, it will all go live monday.  I, for one, and very excited.

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I love that Aeire is all mysterious about it, while you're very up front. Makes me giggle. :)

Can't wait for Monday!

YES. You and Aeire, and Angela...just...YES.

Hmm...until now, I'd assumed "Aeire" was Irish, but it doesn't seem to be in my dictionary...which means I've probably been mispronouncing it all this time. ("AYE-rear.")

it's pronouced Eye- reee. like, jamacan rasta... except she she's not jamacan or rasta.

but don't call her air- ree... she hates that.

was it Queen of Wands you did that guest comic for a while back? does anyone remember when exactly? i don't have the energy to comb their archives for it.

Man I love that comic. Thanks for posting it!

Todays' comic, while simple, is really well done. It's not overstated or fussy at all...just one question though: Why isn't Max wearing his "NO" shirt? O_o

well, it's his work shirt from the themepark. Remember he was going to go see Emily after work?

Bwa?? (L) Angela :-D

Excited to see it!

{Ears prick up}

I'd like to see it. Queen of Wands was a good series.

I've taken the liberty to put a post in the Queen of Wands forum (KeenSpot). There are a few of us still posting there.

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